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We live in fast and hurried times when no one has time to wait for anything. Stopping and calming down are a manifestation of laziness. Success and recognition come far beyond the tolerable pace of life. Despite the ubiquitous stress and constant rush, each of us involuntarily stops from time to time. Whatever stops us, it always awakens strong emotions and a feeling that we have to "keep running." Endless waiting and acute stress as an impulse to negative manifestations of human behavior and actions. The production brings feedback. Information about ourselves, our manifestations, reactions and defense mechanisms to cope with stressful situations. The production is not primarily a guide to change, but is a means for deeper reflection. A mirror that reflects one of the forms of today's hurried times. The intention is to create an artistically high-quality dance production with a formative overlap, which forces the viewer to think deeper and see the world in context. A production that, with a certain amount of lightness and humor, tries to bear witness to the current problem of our society. trailer here:

October 15, 2022
20:00 - 21:00
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